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HCAT volunteers produce community, educational and government related programs. Our automated playback system allows us to schedule the programs at various times during the day. While we receive many requests to cover events in town, we are limited by the availability of the trained volunteers. If you have a desire to see a local event covered by HCAT we encourage you to sign up for free training and turn your interest into an HCAT production. Please watch Comcast channel 8 or Verizon channel 32 to see the programming schedule for the current week.


Comcast - Ch. 8 | Verizon - Ch. 32

The HCAT public channel is the public access channel.  This channel is used for the broadcast of programs produced by our volunteers.  The content can be anything that interests the producers.


Comcast - Ch. 96 | Verizon - Ch. 33

The HCAT educational channel is reserved for school generated programming as well as the broadcast of the Holliston school committee meetings.


Comcast - Ch. 11 | Verizon - Ch. 34

The HCAT government channel is used for the broadcast of town meeting, board of selectmen meetings, finance committee meetings and any other government meetings volunteers choose to record/broadcast.  The HCAT government channel is Comcast 11 and Verizon 34.


HCAT maintains a bulletin board on our local channels. Comcast channels 8, 96, and 11 and Verizon channels 32, 33 and 34 show the notices mailed into us by Holliston organizations and town boards as well as the HCAT programming schedule for the current